Will you Kate wear Mango?

I read www.viewsofia.com every work day Monday-Friday! I even won some ROC cosmetics from a game there about skin care :-) I just read this and I couldn't help but wonder ( as SJP used to say): Will Kate wear Mango or will not? I bet she will, ViewSofia could swear she will not ! So as I really want to know - if somebody see Kate wearing Mango - please let me know :-) And don't forget the short quest :-) due to "The 5 things we did NOT like in last week fashion".

p.s And ViewSofia - please start in English too for the international readers :-)

{ Hey, I almost forgot: HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIEWSOFIA!!! Wish you wake up your readers every morning with a smile :-) }

picture from: http://www.stylecaster.com/whats-next/18589/first-look-kate-moss-mango-springsummer-2012-campaign#156352

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