If you visit Sofia...Part I

If you visit Sofia don't miss to visit Culture Beat Club! Was there Friday night and had great time!  Love the outside area!

Brief presentation of the place via www.sofiatonight.bg:

"Culture beat is not just a nightclub or boutique- café, not just a bar or a place, where you can eat something tasty. It’s all taken together and before that- it is the new home and cultural center for artists and people who feel such as them.It is located in the city center, on the back of National Palace Of Culture and has view of Bridge.

As interior:
Culture beat is a crazy strong mix of styles. Sofia’s industrial, street vintage and socialism in contrast of elegant and aristocratic elements which have been sited in one great culture chic. Moreover, the entry in Culture beat, the first thing that you can feel is the flowing sense of comfort and coziness.
For all this you can be thankful of the team of Culture beat and especially of the designer Veronica Vapirova that’s normal for her stroke gave and spread of her muse everywhere in the new art room in National Palace Of Culture.
Culture beat space is a peculiar gallery because every corner there is an art- installation, suitable both to create your convenience and be memorable scenery for photos… for example or for performance art or performance of product, person or anything else.

As events:
In Culture beat you will occur at various things in the field of contemporary culture. There will be made parties, both daytime and nighttime, will sell clothing, jewelry and chandeliers, quality alcohol, will be presented the works of the other artists- in the field of all types of arts and only.

The sound:
Especially for true connoisseurs we’ve got sound is so soft and quality as the interior around.

Release of Culture beat you feel somewhat relieved by vanity, pseudoluxury and perceptions of comfort that malicious days require and taste something different, so as to feel least 1% more artist than before."


  1. Мила, попаднах на нещо, което мисля ще ти хареса(може и да го знаеш:) ):

  2. ООООО, страхотно! Мой стил :-)

  3. И между другото вече си имам пирограф, коледни печати и ножица ;-)